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Skydiving is a unique yet exhilarating sport that cannot be described in words. It makes once in a lifetime experience for all those who practice this sport. However, this adventure can be risky too. Thus, before you jump, you must know the Do’s and Don’ts of skydiving.  Here are some tips that can explain you how to go about your jump the right way-

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Search the nearest drop zone

Jump Florida is a state-of-the-art skydiving company cum school that holds skydiving sessions in Florida and provides complete training to all its students. Before you drop in at any skydiving school in Florida, you must go to the State Parachute Association’s Website and locate the nearest skydiving school in town. For instance for America you can log in at United States Parachute Association’s website, for Canada Canadian Sport Parachuting Association, for UK the British Parachute Association and for Australia the Australian Parachute Federation.

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Get All your Queries Answered

Before you just check any skydiving school and jump on to any conclusion, you must get answers to all your queries and doubts pertaining to tandem skydive in Florida. Jump Floridais one of its kinds skydiving school that provides complete assistance over the phone and assists you with all the things pertaining to your first skydiving; like all necessary equipment you need like gloves, goggles and more, training schedule and timings for dive and more. You must get all the questions answered and don’t hesitate in asking even silly questions.

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Choose your Jump

Most of the people choose tandem skydive which involves jumping out of the plane; here the jumpers are attached with a harness to an instructor who wears the parachute and controls it while jumping. It’s like sitting on the back seat and enjoying the ride without any hassles. Other sorts of jumps include AFF (Accelerated Free Fall), Static Line Jump etc.


Day of your Jump

Bring on an extra layer of clothes if it’s quite chilling outside; just make sure you wear comfortable clothesso you enjoy every bit of your dive. However it’s already colder at higher altitudes, you may not even notice the difference because of the adrenaline.


Arrive on time and Pay Attention

Arrive before your appointment time. It will help you gather all important information about tandem skydive and get proper training from the trainers. However, proper weather is important before you wish to skydive thus, always confirm your appointment before you arrive at the skydiving school. Also listen to your trainer carefully so you do not miss out on any crucial information.For more information visit-www.jumpfloridaskydiving.com