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tampa tandem skydive

Many people like adventure sporting these days. They are full of excitement, adrenaline rush and at the same time the security measures are so strong that people just cannot ignore about tasting a bit of adventure. Tandem Florida skydive is also a type of adventure sport in which an individual gets to jump out from an air plane from a very high altitude and can let them fall free flying down to the ground by taking help of a parachute.

But there is a slight difference between a normal sky dive and a Tandem Florida skydive. In the latter, the one who is taking the dive remains attached to an instructor with the harness given along the parachute. From the dive from the air plane till the landing, all the way the instructor remains tied to the diver, giving him/ her all the instructions and taking the hold if needed. When the instructor remains attached to the diver, they need a very little instruction before going for the dive. But still, there are some basic things that one needs to learn before going for a sky diving session.

The basic rules and instructions that one needs to follow

If someone wishes to go for a Tandem Florida skydive, they have to be of or above 18 years old. If not, they will not be allowed to go for these adventurous sports like sky diving.

Before going for the sky diving session, one needs to wear proper clothes. This means, they cannot wear something flared which can flow away in high wind. They should be wearing body hugging yet comfortable clothes like a pair of jeans or shorts along with a t shirt.

A fresher should learn four basic things such as; how to operate a parachute and what is the meaning of a safety free falling along with how to land on the ground safely. This is very important.

Beginners should not attempt their first jump without the help of an instructor when they are doing the tandem skydiving. They are harnessed together and also use a single parachute when doing the free fall.

One should know how to control the parachute and at when the parachute has to be opened after one has jumped into the air from the airplane.

There is always a case of exception, like many people while having a session of Tandem Florida sky dive have felt or experienced a bit of nausea or a feeling of passing out. This may occur once the parachute canopy is opened and can remain till the person lands safely. It is believed that this happens primarily due to the incorrect adjustment of the tandem harness which in turn affects the blood flow (this rarely occurs with a solo harness) and is more likely to happen if the individual is at the upper end of the weight limit.

So, one needs to be careful while going through this and they should always go by the instructions given to them.