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For many people, skydiving is a “bucket list” activity. It’s something you do to fulfill a lifelong dream or to simply say that you’ve done it all. Although each skydiving center will have different requirements pertaining to those who are skydiving for the first time, one of the most popular ways to skydive is the tandem jump. But what does this involve? And is the first tandem jump the only way to skydive for the first time? We’re answering both of those questions in today’s post.

What is a Tandem Jump?

Before we get into what’s required or recommended for first-time jumpers, let’s talk about what tandem jumps are. Whether it’s your first tandem jump or you’ve done it several times in the past, the process will pretty much be the same. You’ll be securely attached to an experienced instructor (falling in tandem, hence the name), who will actually be in charge of the dive.

You’ll get some instruction about what you can expect beforehand. For example, you’ll learn that the freefall portion lasts anywhere from 45 to 60 seconds, with an approximate four-minute canopy ride to the ground. You’ll also learn how to position your body correctly so that the experience is comfortable for everyone. However, you won’t have to go through extensive training to dive and will be able to take in the full experience without worrying about the mechanics.

If It’s My First Time Skydiving, Do I Have to Do a Tandem Jump?

Although a tandem jump is typically seen as the obvious choice for novices, it’s not necessarily the only choice. Many skydiving facilities do allow new students to forgo the first tandem jump in exchange for a solo jump experience. Usually, this is referred to as accelerated freefall (or AFF) and may be appealing to those who want to work towards their skydiving license or who are more committed to playing an active role in this experience.

If you want to skip tandem skydiving and opt for a solo dive instead, you will need to undergo more extensive training. While tandem skydiving can be done in a day, that won’t be the case with solo programs. To ensure your safety and confidence during a dive, you’ll need to complete those courses and acquire essential skills before you dive with instructors by your side.

Although these requirements are certainly doable, the experience can be overwhelming for many people. That’s why tandem skydiving is ultimately more appealing to many first-timers. While it may not be required, it can provide a good jumping-off point (pun intended) for subsequent dives or allow you to feel completely satisfied with your skydiving experience without having to enroll in more extensive courses. But whichever skydiving option you choose, we’re here to ensure you can quench your thirst for adventure in a safe and controlled way. For more information on tandem skydiving or on our AFF program, please contact us today.